Support With Fundraising

Like most charities, we rely heavily on the goodwill of the general public to enable us to provide the services that we do. The total cost to run our Veterans Hub is currently just £60 per week, but that still amounts to over £3,000 per year!

You can find out more about supporting Newport Veterans Hub by contacting us directly or why not join this official veterans lottery and select us as your chosen good cause. This will cover our total annual operational costs and give every subscriber the opportunity to win up to £25,000 each month too.

Click here to Join.

Fundraising is always a challenge but we are determined to sustain the support we offer into the future. The cost of running our hub and the commitment required by our supporters will be worthwhile if we can prevent even one vulnerable veteran from taking their life.

If any companies would be interested in sponsoring our hub we will put your company logo on our website. Please get in touch for more information.